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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The New York Faerie Festival offered much more than we thought! We drove 2 hours to the outskirts of Binghamton, (Ouaquaga) NY and found a wondrous jewel of a faire hidden in a beautiful valley of farmlands and streams.

Upon arriving we paid a small parking fee and got a good spot. We showed up about 15 minutes after the faire opened. At first we didn't know what to expect as the faire was no where in sight and there was an oddly placed food booth located at the beginning of a large dirt trail, but at the end of that trail it was completely worth it:
The Entrance Gate @ Faerie fest

It was only $12 to get in and past it was a long winding faire of brightly colored vendor booths and wonderful entertainers. Every so often the woods would open to a clearing, and there, a party full of music would spring up. The performers at the faire were top end and we danced in the main square to the thundering beats of Teribus while socializing with a real Raven tamer.

For the savvy shopper the list of vendors were top quality with fair prices and amazing bargains. I should note that a large faire vendor, Moresca, was a huge draw for us to this faire and they did not let us down. We were delighted to find other new favorite vendors as well.

The food was good and typical of most festivals, though the prices were a good deal, ranging from $3-6 for a meal. The vegan options should be noted as this is a rarity for most public venues. The iced Chai tea alone was amazing! Along the way there was plenty of grassy shade to sit and partake the yummy delights.

The most charming part of the faire was the immense thought behind the detail that brought the faerie village to life. Everywhere you looked the fey could be seen. Small houses, stacked stones and wonderful thickets could be found to the watchful eye. The cast costuming was phenomenal from the mud covered troll to the royal court. All these wonderful actors never broke character and interacted with the young and old. It was easy to see that much love and a creative eye went towards the creation of the faire surroundings.

The Lady Larper will definetly be returning to this wonderful festival next year and would recommend everyone take a short drive to this lovely part of New York State!

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